OneAdaptr Flip Duo USB 3A Mains Travel Charger for Phone & Tablet


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The Flip Duoξ3A 2 Port USB Wall Charger from Oneadaptr is an ideal plug adapter that uses standard mains electricity
to charge up to 2 USB devices during regular use of a socket.

This adapter is designed to be slim for travel use but can be used as an everyday wall charger
for your charging needs. The 2x 3 Amp USB ports give plenty of power to charge your phone and tablet devices.

The slim design of this product is made possible via the folding action this adapter utilizes;ξwhen not need,
the pins of the adapter fold into the bodyξof theξadapter and with theξpush of a button, these pins extend out
and can be plugged into a standard British socket. This ensures that the pins does not get damaged,
or damage other products around it if in a travel bag.

Main Features:
Four USB Chargers
Max 3.4A High Output
Auto Release
18mm Thin
Protective Covers Keep Metal Pins from Damaging Other Devices

Technical Specification:
AC Input Power: 100 ~ 240Vac
AC Max. Output Power: AC 125V ~ 3A / AC 250V ~ 3A
USB Input Power: 100 ~ 250 Vac
USB Max. Output Power: 5 Vdc ~ 5.0 A
Worldwide Patent Pending
Product Material: PC/ABS
Product Dimensions: L:48 x W:18 x H:108 mm

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