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Disney Frozen Play a Melody Gown Elsa Doll Your little musician can perform "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen and songs of her own creation with Elsa and her musical gown!

Elsa's beautiful dress has been reimagined to function like a keyboard, with light-up snowflake keys offering girls 3 ways to play music! In the first guided mode, girls can follow along with the snowflakes that light up to play

Elsa's anthem, ""Let It Go."" In the second music mode, they can follow along with the snowflakes to play the ""Let It Go"" melody up to tempo with background music. The last free play mode encourages girls to compose their own songs! They can press the keys one by one or glide their fingers along the keys to create vibrant tunes! 

Includes doll, dress, pair of shoes, music booklet, and instructions.

Doll's snowflake gown doubles as keyboardPlays the hit song ""Let It Go"" from Disney's

Frozen3 ways to play music Follow lights on dress to play a songGirls can create their own melodies

Ages: 3years +

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