Hasbro Transformers Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class - Starscream


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The race to find the Allspark is on between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons on the Cyberverse animated series! With the Allspark, both sides can harness incredible new powers, including the power to convert Earth vehicles into Spark Armour – battle-ready gear that allows them to fight in new places and in new ways. Bots with ground-based alt modes can use Spark Armour to take flight, while those who soar through the skies with flying alt modes are suddenly just as formidable on the ground. With the Allspark at play, see how its power will be used to defend Earth ... or threaten it. Starscream harnesses the power of the Allspark to convert a bulldozer into a powerful Spark Armour called Demolition Destroyer! Kids can collect other Spark Armour figures (each sold separately, subject to availability) to discover more exciting characters from the Cyberverse series! All Battle Class Spark Armour works with other Battle Class figures.

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