Knomo Moulded Face Genuine Leather Luxury Case for iPhone X,iPhone XS Black

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äó¢ Manufacturer: Knomo

äó¢ Quality polycarbonate case with genuine leather back cover

äó¢ Exceptional material quality and workmanship by Knomo

äó¢ Provides great protection for your phone

äó¢ Edge functionality - the edges of the case are above the display itself, providing exceptional protection when dropped, pressed, or when left on surfaces (the display itself has no contact with the surface)

äó¢ The case material does not slide and gives the phone stability in your hand

äó¢ Shock Absorbent - Provides great protection against dropping, bumps, pressure and more.

äó¢ Unreflecting camera - the camera aperture is large enough for trouble-free shooting, even with flash

äó¢ Full screen and camera access, as well as all buttons, inputs and outputs of the phone

äó¢ Compatibility: Apple iPhone XS, iPhone X

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