Discovery Toy Excavation Kit Mini Gemstone 2pc


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Discover and own real gems

These unique kits feature authentic fossils that you may never see in the wild. The different kits contain everything from shark teeth to bones to gemstones. Start a real collection that any junior scientist will be happy to show off.

Provide the tools for success

Included are the necessary tools to help further your child’s education long after they have dug up the fossils. Each kit comes with a chisel to allow for excavation and a “Brain Blast” educational poster with fun science facts and experiments on it. You’ll also get access to an exclusive app to help teach kids who have gone digital.

Fun while learning!

This fun and educational STEM kit promotes hands-on learning to develop skills in science and paleontology. Children will enjoy digging into the brick to search for exciting scientific specimens and they will learn critical skills in the process.


Real gems and a chisel to excavate

Educational Brain Blast poster

Access to the exclusive Discovery #MINDBLOWN App

Package Includes

Dig Brick with fossils inside


“Brain Blast” Poster

  • ✔ DIG FOR GEMSTONES: Discovery #MINDBLOWN gives your child the opportunity to uncover their own treasures! Unearth 2 gemstones in every kit, each unique from the next.
  • ✔ EDUCATION MADE EASY: Explore paleontology and biology with our gemstone excavation kit. These interactive STEM sets captivate the imagination and make learning fun and exciting.
  • ✔ EXCAVATE LIKE A PRO: Dig into science with the same tool as the professionals. The provided chisel allows you to carve out the stones from the dig brick and helps develop patience and fine motor skills.
  • ✔ EXCLUSIVE PARTNER APP: Continue the fun after the excavation is complete with the Discovery #MINDBLOWN app. This app is a great tool for furthering education and developing a passion for science.
  • ✔ GREAT GIFT FOR JUNIOR SCIENTISTS: Know a child who is very curious, adventurous, or loves animals? The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Gemstone excavation kit is the perfect gift for encouraging an interest in science.

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