Crayola 6 Ct. Take Note! Erasable Highlighters


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Highlight and erase in 6 vibrant colors—without damaging books or documents! The Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters have bright colors on one end, with clear ink tips on the other end for magically erasing the colorful highlights. No more worrying about highlighting the wrong word or over-highlighting a page! Plus, the versatile chisel tips make it easy to create thick lines when highlighting and thin lines when underling. Includes 6 Dual-Tipped Erasable Highlighters in 6 different colors. For 6 years and up.

HIGHLIGHTER SET: Features 6 Double Ended Highlighters with color ink on one side and clear on the other.

COLORFUL HIGHLIGHTS: This highlighter set includes vibrant colors that make a statement.

ERASABLE COLOR HIGHLIGHTERS: The clear ink tip instantly erases highlighted color without damaging the page.

HIGHLIGHT & UNDERLINE: Each highlighter features a versatile chisel tip for thick and thin lines.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: School supplies ideal for ages 6 & up.

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