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Princess Ariel Giant Wall Decals
-Roommates can be used over and over again, no matter how many times they are applied to the surface, and they will not damage or leave any glue residue on the wall.
-Roommates works on any smooth surface, not just walls. They can be applied and reapplied on glass, furniture, refrigerators (so they can replace magnetic adhesives), or simply anywhere.
-Roommates are made with 100 non-toxic vinyl and with the international Cpsia certificate (allows sale as a toy for children under twelve).
-Roommates Is Printed In A Super Sophisticated Painting Process Counting With The Highest Points Per Inch (Ppp) Of The Category And The Super Modern Digital Printing Makes It Possible To Use More Than 100 Colors That Can Be Printed Very Close To Each Other In One Single Drawing.
- Roommates - Over time they keep the same shine as when they were purchased indefinitely, which does not happen with other stickers.
-Roommates have their own team of designers to always be ahead of the market with new licensed and unlicensed releases.
-Roommates have a sophisticated process of cutting the edges of each drawing so that when installed they have the appearance of a photo, the white outlines not appearing like the common stickers.

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