Carrera f1 formula champions rc slot racing - 5.3 mts - alpine & ferrari


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Carrera f1 formula champions rc slot racing - 4.3 mts - benz & ferrari

Formula 1 battle of the stars: Alonso versus Sainz! - The Carrera GO!!! 'Speed ​​Competition' set promises 5.3 meters of pure racing sensation. Junior racers aged 6 years and older can look forward to pure Formula 1 racing fun. Just like in real life, the heroes of 'Speed ​​Competition' are the Alpine A522 'Alonso, No.14' and Ferrari F1-75 'Sainz, No.55' who are involved in an exciting battle on the circuit to be the first to cross the to reach a line. Extra tension is guaranteed by the long straight section, the loop and the split. The lap counter ensures that the drivers, and the tense spectators on the circuit, know exactly who is where in the battle for pole. The straight and the split require absolute precision from the handset - but for experienced junior racers that is never a problem.

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