Discovery Discovery Kids Diy Wind Turbine Glider Kit


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DIY wind-powered glider kit

The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Wind Turbine Glider Kit is a fun way to learn about green energy with a set you build yourself! Plus, the glider, a cool toy on its own, is powered by electricity you generate from wind power Ð no batteries or outlets needed. How awesome is that?

Motorized glider

Use the wind turbine you build to power the glider. The mini motor will make it soar using electricity you generated! ItÕs just one way to use green energy in the real world!

Hands-on learning

This STEM experiment introduces you to green energy, electricity, physics and other scientific pursuits Ð all with a kit you build yourself!


Unique planter for growing your own plants and learning about botany

Maze you design yourself to see plants grow in special ways

Clear base for watching and learning about root growth

Train plants and see real botany principles in action

STEM experiment provides hands-on education in botany and biology

Package Contents:

Complete wind turbine kit

Complete mini motorized glider

  • _ WIND TURBINE: The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Wind Turbine Glider Kit lets you convert wind energy into power for a motorized glider! ItÕs a cool experiment you build yourself.
  • _ MOTORIZED GLIDER: Your glider will sore into the air under power from your own wind turbine.
  • _ GREEN ENERGY: No outlets are needed. Just hold the turbine in the wind and it will turn the blades to generate electricity!
  • _ COMPLETE DIY KIT: This neat engineering kit doesnÕt require any batteries. The only thing you need is a small Phillips-head screwdriver to put it together.
  • _ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Making you a happy customer is our main goal. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide the perfect solution

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