Our Generation Professional Woodworker Doll Valeria

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Nailing down bright ideas!
Build the future and get creative with Our Generation Professional doll Ð Valeria! Valeria is a professional woodworker and she knows just what to do to make the job turn out right!
Because thereÕs never been a generation of girls quite like us. We are following family traditions while creating some really cool ones of our own, like teaching our younger cousins to recycle and collecting dresses for girls who would have otherwise gone without. We play hopscotch and jump rope and jacks until we are out of breath from laughing and just canÕt hop, jump, or jack one more time. We are dreamers and doers. And we are here to do it all. This is our time. This is our story.

Fun Carpentry Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

If we can dream it, we can build it!

This beautiful 18-inch doll has long, wavy dark-brown hair with fun and colorful blue streaks, and lovely deep-brown eyes. Valeria comes dressed in her work clothes Ð a fun striped t-shirt and pink overalls. (They might have a few splashes of paint on them, but Valeria doesnÕt mind Ð it reminds her of all the fun woodworking jobs she has done!) She comes with a bright blue tool belt and matching blue work boots, as well as all the tools of the trade: a paint can, tray, roller and paintbrush, measuring tape, saw, and safety goggles. What new project will Valeria undertake next? ItÕs all up to your imagination, and we canÕt wait to find out!

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