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Pop and spin with the Swirly Snail by VTech! This super snail is ready to play and spin! Press down on the snailÕs head to pop and spin the colourful balls inside the bright and vivid snailÕs shell.

3 buttons

The 3 buttons on top of the snailÕs shell play fun phrases, sounds, sing-along songs and melodies. Pressing the buttons on top of the snailÕs shell also introduce numbers and shapes to your child. The 5 sing along songs help encourage early vocabulary and the 15 melodies help to provide plenty of exciting playtime. Pressing the snailÕs head down helps develop motor skills.

  • Press the snailÕs head down to pop and spin the balls inside the shell.
  • The 3 buttons on the snailÕs shell play phrases, sounds and music which introduce numbers and shapes.
  • Includes 5 sing-along songs and 15 melodies.
  • Teaches cause & effect relationships and helps to develop motor skills.
  • Suitable for ages 12-36 months

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