Winfun bake 'n learn toaster oven


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With temperature control buttons and timer feature, all your meals are ready to be served on the table just in time. It is very easy and fun to prepare delicious meals with various cooking buttons! This cute oven is already ready to be with you in the kitchen. My Full Oven, which shows that the meal is ready with LED lights, is waiting for skillful hands for delicious recipes! Also, the cute oven speaks Turkish! There is 1 tray and 3 delicious foods in the oven. It entertains children during their imitation periods, expands their imagination, teaches them new information and encourages them to meet new concepts. In addition; It is an educational toy that helps support their auditory perception, hand-eye coordination, mental and emotional development. It works with 2 x AA batteries. Batteries are included in the box.

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