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This is a great toy to increase the interest in science while the kiddos have a mind blowing fun time. This Toy & Planetarium Projector from Discovery helps to replace video games, smartphones and tablets with a healthy STEM alternative. It fills your kidÕs room with mesmerizing stars, planets and nebulas, and includes 32 amazing slides to amaze your children with wonders of the universe!
With the fascinating Discovery Kids Planetarium Space Projector, your children can explore the marvels of our universe in the comfort of your living room, bedroom or classroom!

The projector is double sided and features two different modes: stationary and moving! The moving side features two layered translucent domes that rotate slowly, projecting moving stars onto any surface for a truly immersive celestial experience! For best viewing results, use the projector in a dark room.
he Discovery #MINDBLOWN Space Projector features 4 discs of 8 slides each for a total of 32 slides! Use the slides with the stationary projector side: insert the disc and you can project the images onto a wall. Manually rotate the reel to view the next slide. For best viewing results, use the projector in a dark room, and hold the projector close to the viewing surface. (Note: the disc protrudes slightly when inserted into the projector as shown in the photos.

With colors and details modeled after real life spaceship and observatory equipment, children will love the projectorÕs science theme! The orange stand is fully articulated, so that the projectorÕs angle can be adjusted to your preferences.
The projector is the perfect educational toy gift for any child curious about science, NASA, space ships, galaxies, solar systems, and more! Entertain AND educate with the Discovery #MINDBLOWN Planetarium Space Projector!

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