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Discovery Toy Kids Model Engine Kit is just the right toy for all the little engineers whose minds are filled with curiosity and excitement. It has all the pieces you need like spark plugs, timing gear, pistons, and gaskets Ñ to build a working model!
When your child gets involved in the building process, they learn valuable skills in engineering and science, as well as life skills like patience and hand-eye coordination.

  • Take your science education even further! The model engine kit comes with a double-sided poster with STEM trivia and activities. Indulge your child's interest in science with this fun and educational toy!
  • This mini replica of a classic four cycle internal combustion gasoline car engine teaches young minds all about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in one immersive set.
  • Your child will have a great time constructing this comprehensive model engine toy! Tinker with the cranks, pulleys, belts, and exhaust valves to make this little gadget come to life right in front of their eyes!
  • Deliver the action of a classic car engine thanks to the powerful pistons and interactive cables! Simply plug the cables to the battery pack distributor and watch the engine fans turn around!
  • The Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit will encourage young boys and girls to expand their creativity, think logically, and even refine their motor skills all at once!
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