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As a guest at the luxe Black Adder Resort, you discover that someone (maybe even you!) wants to murder its manager, Mr. Coral. A series of deadly traps have been planted all over the resort — and someone is armed! Now you must solve the ultimate mystery: Who can you trust?

In Clue Conspiracy, players play as Clue characters and take on secret roles on opposing teams: Friends vs. the Conspiracy. The Friends work to save Mr. Coral and uncover the Who, Where, and What of the Conspiracy's secret Plot. The Conspiracy tries to secretly sabotage the Friends and carry out Mr. Coral's murder at a specific location and with a specific weapon. Both teams will also find clues to share — or not! Which side will succeed?

The Conspiracy wins by pulling off the murder plot at a specific location or by secretly sabotaging the Friends and setting off traps. The Friends win by disarming all the traps, or if that fails, solving the Who, Where, and What of the secret plot.

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