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  • AMAZING SOCCER BALL: Introducing the latest innovation in football, Smart Ball Kick Up Counting with lights and sounds. This amazing soccer ball allows you to challenge yourself and your friends to see who can pull off the most tricks. Use your feet, legs, knees, chest and shoulders to prevent the smart ball from hitting the ground and it will count every time it makes contact with you.
  • Light & Sound Features: As you reach key milestones, the smart ball will speak words of encouragement to cheer you up as you challenge yourself to keep the ball in the air, and for even more fun, the smartball lights up every time it comes into contact with your body.
  • Challenge Friends: Compete with your friends to see who can get closer to magic 100 kickups
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR FOOTBALL FANS: If you are looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift or other event, the smart soccer ball is the perfect gift for football fans aged 6 and up
  • Practice: Ideal for practicing your kicks and freestyle skills
  • Note: Please use the Smartball for its intended use. Do not hit against a hard surface, such as a wall. This could damage the Smartball

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