Hasbro Classic Clue Card Game


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Be the player to solve crime by correctly namingÊthe Suspectthe DestinationÊandÊthe Vehicle. You will be able to catch on quickly to the game play if you are already familiar with the board game version ofÊCluedo.

The Classic Mystery Board Game now has a twist as a fast, fun card game! In this version of the Clue game, players use Evidence cards and Case File cards to gather information and eliminate suspects, rooms, and weapons. It's an exciting strategy game as players ask questions about who did the crime, where it was done, and which weapon was used. Ready for an accusation? The cards under the Crime card must match the player's accusation for them to win the game. If the cards don't match, they lose! This quick-playing card game is a convenient way to let your kids take the Clue game with them when traveling or visiting a friend's house.

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