Hasbro Nerf SOA Hydro Frenzy


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The Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Frenzy water blaster has 2 tubes in the run and a customizable nozzle to choose how the water is fired from the hoses for wild 3-in-1 water action. 2 parallel beams can be fired from the blaster, the nozzle can be pulled back up to half to fire 2 wide apart beams, Or the nozzle can be completely retracted to provide wild water action, in which the hoses rotate wildly in all directions and fire water jets in all directions. The wildly whirling hoses spray everything in range wet. Easy to use: Fill the tank, then move the pump handle to fire. The tank holds up to 709 ml. The Nerf Super Soaker brand has been providing water action since 1989 and still offers wet fun. The Nerf Super Soaker Blaster enables fast water attacks in the open. Nerf Super Soaker and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

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