Sharper Image Toy Laser Tag Handtank Battle Pack


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  • ✔ ACTION-PACKED MULTIPLAYER GAME: This Two-Player Set reinvents the classic game! The streamlined infrared blaster design is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and is battery-powered for portability.
  • ✔ POINT TRACKING FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY: Each player has 6 lives per game and 6 shots per reload! Colored light indicators on the micro life pods display how many lives each player has remaining for easy score tracking.
  • ✔ SAFE DESIGN FOR CHILDREN: Recommended for ages 6+, the set has been designed with safety in mind. The handheld design ensures a firm grip to prevent accidents, while the invisible infrared technology allows for safe competitive play. NOTE: For safety purposes, this toy does not emit a real laser beam!).
  • ✔ HOME ALTERNATIVE TO EXPENSIVE ARCADE PLAY: Save a costly trip to the arcade and enjoy this classic team activity at home! With the complete home set, there’s no need for bulky arcade vests and equipment.
  • ✔ FUN LIGHT, VIBRATION, AND SOUND EFFECTS: Enjoy immersive play with a multitude of fun sound effects! Different colored flashing lights, sound effects, and vibration all indicate score changes and ammo for a true arcade experience.

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